Broadside: Potential shutdown sequel

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October 17, 2013, 8:05 pm
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(NECN) - On Wednesday, a deal was reached to end the partial shutdown of the federal government.

But as Jim Braude asks, is its sequel coming soon?

Peter Kadzis of WGBH and John Nucci of Suffolk University joined Braude on Broadside to discuss the next potential shutdown and other issues.

"We'll have something. It'll probably be a little different, there will be some variations," said Kadzis. "But the Democrats would be dead wrong if they think that they're in the better position because of this ... There's going to be bargaining to redo the sequester, and there's a real danger that the Democrats may be able to get short-term gains in billions, but at the cost of long-term cuts in trillions."

"Usually, Congress works better behind closed doors, without a lot of cameras," said Nucci of the bipartisan committee. "They ultimately have to agree, and the problem is, you're dealing with a wing of the Republican party for which solution is not a solution. They don't want to see a solution."

The panel also discussed the Boston mayoral race and the Massachusetts casino race.

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