DJ Henry's parents on their efforts for justice

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October 18, 2011, 8:17 pm
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(NECN: Jim Braude) – Danroy Henry Sr. and Angella Henry spoke Monday night at a vigil in memory of their son, DJ.

One year ago, DJ was shot and killed by a police officer outside a bar in New York state.
Police claim Henry’s car sped towards one of their officers after he had been told to stop.
His parents dispute that claim and are suing the officer who shot their son.

Danroy and Angella discuss their efforts to get justice for their son and make something positive as a memorial to DJ.

“It doesn’t,” Angella responded when asked if it gets any easier. “In fact it gets harder. It’s just a daily reminder that we don’t have him.”

The parents have filed a civil law suit, but their ultimate goal, Danroy Sr. says, is to get access to information that has been withheld from them, such as videos and audio.

“We’ll wait as long as it takes,” said Angella, “as long as they look through everything. That’s all we’ve wanted from the beginning. Someone to look through all of the information… And we believe that they will come to the same conclusion that we’ve come to, that our son was murdered.”

Listen to the interview with the parents over their fight for justice and how they continue to honor their son’s memory one year after his death.

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