‘Cash mobs’ throw support, money behind Planned Parenthood

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October 19, 2012, 4:43 pm
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(NECN – Marnie MacLean) - Most "cash mobs" are organized to help a business with a quick infusion of money and customers.
This one is helping Planned Parenthood.

On Friday, dozens of people walked down Congress Street in Portland, past abortion protestors, on their way to the clinic.

One protester said of the cash mob, "In fact, this money is going to take away lives."
Planned Parenthood moved here one year ago, and protestors began showing up six weeks ago on Fridays, when the clinic performs abortions.

"There's no reason why taxpayers should be providing money for this murdering branch,
Planned Parenthood,” said Bob Joyce of Waterboro.

Planned Parenthood said that at first, protestors were peaceful. But not anymore.

"In the last couple of weeks, they've gone after people, chased them down the block,
gotten into faces and yelled at them,” said Megan Hannon of Planned Parenthood. “[They] tried to tell them they are killing their children."

Protester Donna Herbert denied those claims.

"That's a lie,” she said. “Plain and simple, that's a lie.”
The protestors said they don't harass women, and only offer information. Portland police officers were on hand to ensure the two groups didn't clash, although they clearly disagree.

In one exchange outside Planned Parenthood, someone told protesters, “The point is, you are out here shaming people.”

A protester responded, “We are not trying to shame them, but showing them what they are doing is wrong and goes against the commandments of God."

The "cash mob" showed its support of Planned Parenthood with money: It raised over $2,000 in just minutes.

Pro-choice supporters worry that if Mitt Romney is elected president, he will decrease funding to Planned Parenthood, and the non-profit organization relies on government money.  The agency also says abortions represent just 3 percent of the services Planned Parenthood provides.
Pro-life advocates, however, said that any percent is unacceptable, and they will continue to protest.
The "cash mob" hopes it has sent its own clear message of support for Planned Parenthood and a woman's right to choose.

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