Maine schools say no to grinding

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October 21, 2010, 6:14 pm
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(NECN: Marnie MacLean) - It's spirit week at Portland High School, a week that always ends with the big homecoming dance. This year, the principal announced a new non negotiable rule: No "grinding" on the dance floor.

These photos from YouTube show what grinding is, and just how close the teens get to each other.

Michael Johnson: "It's very provocative touching...inappropriate for a public school."

But some teens say they see this as a generational issue. Remember when parents were outraged by Elvis?

Abby Daggett: "Kids our age should be able to dance however they's not a big deal, everyone does it..I don't think it's dangerous."

The principal disagrees.

Mike Johnson: "It's not the same...Elvis wasn't grinding his crotch into a female's backside..I'm sorry to be that blunt on TV but that's what it is."

While schools like Portland high have banned grinding at dances, other schools have taken it a step further. Windham High School stopped school dances altogether.

In a letter sent home to parents school administrators said, "we regret to say that given the extent of the inappropriate touching and our inability to discern what is consensual and what is sexually assaultive behavior we believe we can no longer ensure the safety of your children."

It's designed to be a wake up call for parents, and students.

Morgan Dolby: "There are students who take it too far....the bending over..that's inappropriate to me."

While many students are angry about the ban, they know the only way to get back their dances is to find some middle ground.

Molly McVetty: "No one believed it at first, but now that it's been taken away...people are more willing to give it a try."

In Windham, that means a lot more talking, before anyone goes back to dancing at school.

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