Ortiz steps to the plate with PSA against violence

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October 26, 2010, 6:20 am

(NECN: Alysha Palumbo, Boston, Mass.) - "This is the house where a man was robbed and stabbed to death."

Red Sox slugger David Ortiz walks the streets of Boston for this new anti-violence PSA, visiting the sites of some of the most violent and shocking murders the city has seen over the past few months - including this Jamaica Plain basketball court where eighth grader Jaewon Martin lost his life.

"This is the court where a 14-year-old boy got gunned down."

"This is the street where four people were murdered including a mother with her two-year-old son."

Ortiz ends up at Woolson Street in Mattapan where a violent shooting left four people dead... and left the community reeling.

"And this is where it stops.  I'm David Ortiz.  Boston is my city too and together we're going to stop the violence."

But with three murders in Boston since Saturday, violence has continued to tear the city apart, as police reorganize their patrols to try to prevent these crimes.

Supt. Rafael Ruiz
"Police officers have been reassigned in the areas that we expect problems to come up, so we are working on it, working hard and talking to the community to see how they can help us."

Mayor Tom Menino
"We have a strategy out there with the officers in the streets but the guns are out there, Ak-47s that's not the usual material they use in a shooting."

So the city hopes this PSA will reach the community and get *residents* involved in reducing violent crime.

Mayor Tom Menino
"We're out there, frustrated but the public has to help us and we're going to work hard at it."

Boston Red Sox Violence Prevention PSA

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