Hurricane Sandy a spectacle in Plum Island

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October 29, 2012, 2:49 pm
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(NECN: Deanna Morgan, Plum Island, Mass.) - Hurricane Sandy is getting a lot of attention on Plum Island.

"It's so amazing...something so energetic about it," says Leslie Aisner Novak, a new resident on Plum Island.

She and many residents on the island have been walking to the beach to see the commotion hurricane Sandy is causing on the beach. Most are calm.

"Unfortunately, a lot of folks see this more of entertainment than...the kind of storm that it is," says State Senator Bruce Tarr. "It is a serious storm."

Around 3:00 p.m., winds were gusting on Plum Island at about 43 mph. Sandy is expected to do serious damage to the area; especially in the areas where beach scraping didn't happen and breached jettys sit in need of repair. Sen. Tarr says lawmakers are working with the federal government to try and fix the problem. It's a slow process, but Tarr says they're getting there.

"...and that's one if the biggest stories about this storm, we actually have gotten the Merrimack River drenched...we did beach scraping...we're starting to repair the jettys, but it's a slower process than we'd like it to be," says Tarr.

Tarr says work to being repairing one jetty should begin in a couple weeks.  But, the amount of money needed to repair both jettys completely isn't available yet. He says getting funding in a bad economy has been difficult.

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