Shooting suspect arrested in Attleboro, Mass.

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November 1, 2013, 11:50 am
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(NECN: John Moroney, Attleboro, Mass.) – A shooting suspect was arrested in Attleboro, Mass. Friday morning, after putting a neighborhood and five schools on alert. That suspect had barricaded himself in a third floor apartment.

The lockdown on the schools was lifted and the order for people to stay in place has also been lifted. IT was a very frightening morning for everyone.

There was a large police presence after an early morning shooting in an Attleboro neighborhood that sent one man to the hospital and forced the suspect into hiding in an apartment on Jackson Street.

The suspect is in custody at the Attleboro Police Department.

The shooting happened around 3:30. The victim was taken to Rhode Island Hospital while the suspect was believed to be on the top floor of a 3-family home. The two other apartments in the building were evacuated while nearby schools were lock downed and people in the neighborhood were asked to stay inside.

Shortly after 11:00, SWAT teams took the suspect into custody with the help of a robot and a dog. The suspect did not give up willingly but he did release a woman and a child who had been in the apartment, as well.

Officials say they were unharmed.

The shooting suspect is expected to survive after undergoing surgery.

As for the motive and relationship between these two men involved, that is still under investigation.

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