NH is still very much in play for Romney, Obama

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November 3, 2012, 7:28 pm
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(NECN: Scot Yount, Manchester, N.H.) - "America is about to come roaring back," said Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

The final push is on. Mitt Romney landed early in New Hampshire Saturday. President Barack Obama is in Ohio and will hold a rally here Sunday.

Romney and President Obama have just three days to tip the balance, and win the Granite State's four electoral college votes.

On the ground, both camps are marshaling their forces.

At a warehouse in Nashua, volunteers gather and are given their orders.
"Whoever gets out the vote, is gonna be the winner, whomever is organized down on the ground with the footman on the ground," said Frank Mello, campaigning for Obama.

"We've been counting voters and so far people seem very supportive of Obama and people seem excited by the election and ready to vote," said Ricky Burgess, just back from knocking on doors for Obama.

"Especially where the president right now is concentrating his efforts on the recovery in New York, and New Jersey, so we're there for him," said Sandy Amlaw, who spent the morning canvassing for Mr. Obama.

"A lot of excitement today, a lot of emotion," said Annette Cameron, who was manning the phones for Romney.

At a jam packed office on the other side of town, Romney volunteers gathered for their orders and were hoping to make 4,500 phone calls.
Congressman Charlie Bass, dropped in, locked in a tight re-election bid of his own.

"Mitt Romney needs New Hampshire, so does president Obama, if Ohio is not in play, this state is absolutely critical," said Congressman Bass.

On the phones, volunteers like what they are hearing.

"Very critical but it seems that the people with whom I have spoken with, they cannot wait to get Obama out of office," said Cameron.

Mr. Obama is set to appear in Concord tomorrow, with former President Clinton.

Governor Romney will be back in New Hampshire on Monday for a rally in Manchester.

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