Election polls opening in Boston mayoral race

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November 5, 2013, 5:31 am
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(NECN: Justin Michaels: Boston) - Polls open up for the Boston mayoral election across Boston at 7:00 Tuesday morning. Both candidates are hitting the streets this morning early to vote and continue to get votes all the way through until the bitter end.

The two candidates for mayor, both Democrats, John Connolly and Marty Walsh, have been hitting the pavement across Boston and shaking the hands of as many voters as possible.

Monday night, on election eve, both candidates were out in full force with as many volunteers as they could muster, putting flyers on cars, giving high-fives to school students, being led by a brass band down Dorchester Avenue and, of course, going door to door.

Connolly said, "We're going to do it, we are going to win tomorrow."

One candidate says the other is getting outside help and that his campaign is more grassroots.

Connolly said, "They've outspent us, they're going out man us because they are flying people in from all parts unknown, but, we've got a better message and we've got the people who live in the city."

While the other, keeping his eye on the prize leading into this morning, insists his campaign will stay positive and avoid bashing the other candidate.

Walsh said, "I'm just running a positive campaign the next 12 hours or however long it is until the polls open. There's no place in Boston for negative campaigning and I'm just going to continue to be positive."

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