Boston Mayor-Elect Walsh prepares for transition with new team

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November 8, 2013, 6:09 pm
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(NECN: Alison King) -  Day three as Boston's Mayor-Elect, Marty Walsh introduced the members of his transition team, his campaign communications director, Joyce Linehan, Katherine Craven, Director of the UMass Building Authority, Sam Tyler of the Boston Municipal Research Bureau.
And three faces are very familiar to anyone following the race.  Charlotte Golar Richie, Felix Arroyo, and John Barros were all opponents of Walsh in the preliminary who endorsed him early in the general and helped Walsh make significant in-roads with minority voters.
It was asked if this team and other friends would likely end up with positions in the Walsh administration.
Walsh said, "I look at the most qualified person for the job.  You know, I'm certainly not going to fill my administration up with people that held Marty Walsh signs and Marty Walsh bumper stickers in their car.  That's not what I'm going to do."
Walsh says he will soon start a series of town hall meetings to hear directly from residents and launch a website so people can submit resumes.
By midday the action shifted to the Mayor's residence on Beacon Hill, the Parkman House, where Mayor Menino invited Marty Walsh for lunch, with a key constituency.  
Among the attendees were leaders of Boston's biggest industries, including Suffolk Construction, Hill Holiday Advertisting, Brigham and Women's Hospital and State Street Bank.
Mayor Menino said the city had not elected a parochial state representative from Dorchester, as some might have thought, but a state rep who knows the issues of the city.
Menino said, "Give this young man a lot of credit for having the insight to look and to say, I need that.  I want to know these guys, I want to be part of them and I want to make sure they understand who I am and what I'm all about the next four years."
Walsh said, "I'm honored that the Mayor had me in today and put this together.  It just shows you as I said earlier today about a transition from a Menino administration to a Walsh administration.  It will be flawless."
Walsh now leaves for a brief vacation with his longtime girlfriend Lorrie Higgins

When asked for details all we got from Walsh was, "Thank you very much, have a great day everybody."

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