NECN exclusive: Brigham and Women's Hospital launching new training video

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November 8, 2013, 8:25 am
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(NECN) - With events such as the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings and most recently the shootings at LAX, will perpetrator training videos become the new normal in the workplace?

Brigham and Women's Hospital is premiering a video to their 16,000 employees on the procedures and guidelines they should follow in the event of an attack. NECN got an exclusive look at the video and spoke with some of Brigham's staff regarding the significance of this video launch.

“We have had quite a bit of discussion about what would happen if someone presented to the emergency department a weapon of some sort because we are probably one of the likely first targets,” Steve Palmer says.

“If I had a gun pointing to my face at work, I wouldn’t know what to do. And now I do,” says Caryn Belisle.
“What we wanted to do is, so to speak, is kind of ‘Brighamize’ it so that it brought relevance to the training,” says Barry Wante, director of emergency management.

The video says, “An active shooter situation happening at the Brigham is quite remote much like your chances of being struck by lightning. But the consequences are so potentially catastrophic that it is important to be prepared.”

“I know that they are realistic about what’s going on in the world outside; it’s not an easy thing to think about and certainly can be frightening,” Wante says.

“Certainly in light of recent events throughout the country and the world, it seems like just about any work place, private or public, should have some sort of procedures in place for this kind of thing,” Palmer says.

Video goes on to say, “As health care professionals we embrace a duty of care commitment that compels us to be more than just survivors but protectors as well. That's why thinking about your actions in advance is so important.”

“We want our employees to one, try and stay calm, which will probably not be easy, and then to remember the principles of running away from the situation if that is a possibility for them, hiding and then if the only option for them is to fight the perpetrator or the threat, then they should do that,” says Palmer.

“This is one of the tools that we’re going to need. You know, there’s evil in this world and there are things that happen that we have to understand that and be able to move on and continue life as we know it,” Caryn says.

Brigham's future plans regarding the video will be to incorporate it as part of their new employee orientation, as well as all annual competency training.

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