FBI investigation led to discovery of Petraeus' affair

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November 10, 2012, 6:35 pm
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(NECN: John Moroney) - David Petraeus - the nation's best known military leader - out as director of the CIA after admitting to an extramarital affair. Arthur Hulnick is a former CIA analyst and associate professor of international relations at Boston University. "He was in a position where if he had tried to keep it secret, he could have been compromised at some point. So he had to go public and he had to resign," Hulnick said.

Married 37 years, Petraeus was reportedly having an affair with this woman: Paula Broadwell - who wrote a book about the four-star general. His military credentials are second to none, having directed combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. But will this fall from grace damage the country's top spy agency.

"Mike Morrell, the deputy, has been made acting director and the CIA will keep doing its thing. Doesn't matter what happens at the top," Hulnick said.

The departure of Petraeus comes as the president prepares for the start of his second term - creating a vacany that must now be filled. "I've seen a couple of names mentioned of Congressmen who didn't get re-elected. My personal feeling is the job should go to somebody who understands intelligence."

Petraeus was set to testify next week before Congress about the CIA's handling about the bombing of the American embassy in Benghazi, which killed the ambassador and three others. Instead, the acting director will now testify.

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