Lawrence, Mass. mayor officially launches fight to stay in office

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November 11, 2013, 8:08 am
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(NECN: Justin Michaels, Lawrence, Mass.) - Lawrence, Mass. Mayor William Lantigua has officially launched his fight to stay in office.

He lost last week's election by less than 60 votes and called for a recount on Sunday.

The spread between the two candidates right now is just 57 votes after the provisional ballots were counted last week. It’s a small enough margin that Mayor Lantigua now wants a recount.

It’s been six days since Tuesday's election and there’s still no new mayor in the city of Lawrence, and it looks like there won't be at least for the next week or more.

One-term incumbent Mayor Lantigua has decided he wants a recount. It’s a turn of events not surprising to city counselor Daniel Rivera, the man who, by the numbers right now, has won the election.

"The results from last Tuesday will easily carry into next week. We think they are just prolonging the inevitable," David Torrisi, with the Rivera campaign, said.

The day after last Tuesday's election, it seemed that Rivera had won fair and square by 60 votes, but Mayor Lantigua wouldn't stand down.

After taking all provisional ballots into account, the Board of Elections says Rivera won by 57. But issues with some of the voting machines across the city of Lawrence have become an issue for the Lantigua campaign, prompting this request for a recount.

"The reality is these machines, these accu-count machines, are almost 100-percent accurate. It's tough to make up those kind of votes with these machines," Torrisi said.

Lantigua has until Friday to get 60 signatures, at least 10 from each Lawrence precinct, to request a recount.

Rivera's camp says if a recount is granted, they want it to be overseen by the Massachusetts Secretary of State's office.

In the meantime, the taxpayer expense continues to go up and the questions across the city about who's going to be their mayor persist.

An armed guard is sitting outside a seal door where all the ballots are waiting to be recounted.

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