Amid severe Midwest storms, heavy tornado damage hits Ill.

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November 17, 2013, 6:52 pm
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(NECN/NBC News: Chris Pollone) - A line of severe storms raced across the country Sunday, spawning thunder, lightning and tornadoes.

Weather forecasters predicted a strong chance of severe weather Sunday, and it didn't take long for damaging storms to fire up in a wide path across the country.

Forecasters said when it's all over, more than 120 million people could be affected.

The line ranged from Arkansas and Mississippi north to Illinois.

Weather spotters reported several large tornadoes - at least 50 were counted by mid-afternoon.

Most were located in Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana.

Much of the early damage was centered in Washington, Illinois, just east of Peoria.

There, high winds flipped cars and damaged many homes and businesses. There are reports of injuries.

First responders are still assessing the damage.

In Clinton County, Ind., high wind knocked over a tractor trailer on I-65.

Crews in the Chicago suburbs had to deal with downed trees - some ended up on homes in the area.

That local storm forced NFL fans at Chicago's Soldier Field to take cover.

Officials delayed the game between the Bears and the Baltimore Ravens for nearly two hours as the storm system passed.

"There's not a whole lot to think about, you just gotta get where you can get dry and hope that it stops," said Mallory Bender.

Cities further east in places like Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Tennessee brace for the next round.

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