Dash camera video released from morning of Belcher murder-suicide

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December 8, 2012, 6:38 am
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(NECN/NBC News: Syed Shabbir) - We are getting a better idea of exactly what happened the morning Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher shot his girlfriend and then himself.

On Friday, Kansas City, Mo., police released dash camera video from their police cars showing the first traffic stop and the final moments before Belcher shot himself at the stadium.

It was 3:05 on Saturday morning when police responded to a call of a suspicious person in a black car at Armour Boulevard and Holmes Street.

Officers approached the black Bentley and found Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher asleep in the driver’s seat.

“Just go ahead and step out, brother,” an officer said. “I'll roll-up the windows. OK?”
“Alright," Belcher responded.

The pro-football player got out of his car and told officers he was visiting a friend that lives in a nearby apartment.

“Your car’s running and you're passed out inside it. You weren't driving,” an officer said.
“I wasn't. I was upstairs,” Belcher responded.
“I hear you,” the officer said. “That's why going upstairs is going to be a good place for you to go back to."

Belcher agreed to leave his car there and went inside.

Four and half hours later, Belcher's mother called 911 to tell police her son, the Chiefs player, had shot his 22-year-old girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, at their home.

Police were then called to Arrowhead Stadium.

An officer rushed to the scene, at times exceeding 90 mph. He pulled into one of the main entrances and then worked his way around to the training facility.

When he got out of his car, he got on his radio and described what he saw: “Cut off sirens immediately. I got a sighting from afar. It looks like they're in negotiations phase, trying to get him down. I need a rifle ASAP."

The officer moved forward to where police say Belcher was talking with general manager Scott Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel.

“Alright, I'm on the south side, I'm at the main entrance trying to sneak up on foot,” the officer said. “I need a rifle. Turn off the siren, I can hear one in the distance now."

Moments later, police say Belcher took his own life.

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