Mass. teen shot by hunter in woods

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December 11, 2010, 9:32 pm
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(NECN: Tom Langford) - Mike Tiger shows the spot on his leg where he was shot while running with his winter track teammates in the woods of Mattapoisett, Massachusetts.
He said, "it happened so fast and I was just shocked."

They were running down this trail, in an area clearly marked "No Hunting", when they heard gunshots.

"And me and my friend David jumped to the ground. And as I jumped to the ground, I was hit by something in the leg. I wasn't sure if it was a bullet or a pellet or a branch."
What it was, was the fragment of a slug from a shotgun.

"It must have ricocheted off a rock. That's what I think."

His teammate David Friedman said, "he looked down and was like, 'oh, I think I'm hit'. And we thought he was joking, but when we looked at his leg - it was pretty bad."

Tiger said, "It went up through my leg and actually managed to miss my bone, artery and any blood vessels."
The teens yelled out and a group of hunters soon emerged.

Tiger said, "Three hunters came over to us and they were just freaked out."

They said they had been shooting at a deer… were apologetic… and tried to help.

But they were hunting in a restricted area.

Friedman said, "we would have never thought there would be hunters down there. We've run down there, like, 30 times and never heard a shot."

Tiger's now on crutches… the slug, still in his leg. He'll see a specialist next week about getting it removed. But he knows, over all - it could have been worse.

"They said I was pretty lucky."

Tiger hopes to make a quick recovery. He is a high school senior and hopes to run in college.

As for the hunters, police are investigating the incident.

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