Priest: Pope Francis has changed the church’s image, direction in a short time

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December 12, 2013, 10:45 am
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(NECN)  - On Wednesday, it was announced that Pope Francis is being named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.

Father James Brezke from the School of Theology and Ministry at Boston College talked about the impact the pope is having on the church and the world.

“I like it. I think he’s been a great leader, not only for the church but for the whole world, and then being a Jesuit is just an extra plus,” Father Brezke began. “In the short time that he’s been pope, I think that what he’s done more is change the image, direction, and restore a certain believability about the gospel message. And that’s a lot to do in just a couple of months.”

In addition, he spoke about how he believes the pope is trying to unite the world and the church, as well. He talked about how his Theology students and people in his parish are refreshed by the pope’s actions.

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