Vermont Press Association 2012-2013 award winners

December 13, 2013, 1:14 pm

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — The Burlington Free Press was named the top daily newspaper in Vermont, while weeklies, the Herald of Randolph and Seven Days in Burlington, captured leading honors for non-daily publications in the annual Vermont Press Association writing and photography awards announced at the Vermont Press Association Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon.

The Free Press captured 13 awards, including nine top prizes. The Free Press took first place for General Excellence, Best Website, Tropical Storm Irene coverage, the Mavis Doyle Award for state government issues, Best Local Story, Best State Story, Best Feature Story and top photography for sports and features in the awards released Thursday for reporting from January 2012 until June 2013.

Also in the daily division, the Times Argus in Barre collected eight prizes, including one first place, while the Bennington Banner received seven, including one first.

In the non-daily division, the Herald of Randolph was honored for eight awards, including four first places for John D. Donoghue Arts Writing, coverage of Tropical Storm Irene, Rookie of the Year, and Best General News Photo. Seven Days also collected eight awards, including four firsts for General Excellence, Best Website, Headline Writing and Best Feature story.

The Addison Independent in Middlebury followed with six honors, and the Vermont Standard in Woodstock had five awards, including two first places.

VPA President Maria Archangelo presented the awards at the association's annual meeting and awards luncheon at the Capitol Plaza hotel in Montpelier.

The annual journalism competition was open to the 11 daily and more than four dozen non-daily newspapers that circulate in Vermont.

The New England Newspaper and Press Association secured out-of-state judges to review the various categories.

Also, Ken Squier and WDEV radio were honored with the Matthew Lyon Award, presented to a non-newspaper person who has fought for the First Amendment and the public's right to know the truth.

Squier said it was an honor as a member of the electronic media to be recognized by members of the newspaper industry. Squier said he is proud his radio station tells listeners truthfully where stories come from, including out of local newspapers. He said attribution is important in every story.

The winners were:

— General Excellence (daily): 1. Burlington Free Press; 2. Times Argus (Barre); 3. Rutland Herald;

— General Excellence (non-daily): 1. Seven Days (Burlington); 2. The Commons (Brattleboro); 3. Herald of Randolph;

— Best Website (daily): 1. Burlington Free Press; 2. Times Argus; 3. Bennington Banner;

— Best Website (non-daily): 1. Seven Days; 2. Milton Independent;

— Tropical Storm Irene Coverage (daily): 1. Burlington Free Press; 2. Times Argus; 3. Valley News (West Lebanon, N.H.); Honorable Mention Rutland Herald;

— Tropical Storm Irene Coverage (non-daily): 1. Herald of Randolph; 2. Vermont Standard (Woodstock); 3. The Commons;

— Mavis Doyle Award for state government coverage, (daily and non-daily combined): 1. Mike Donoghue, Burlington Free Press;

— Rookie of the Year (daily and non-daily): 1. Katie Jickling, Herald of Randolph; 2. Katy Savage, Vermont Standard; 3. Elizabeth Conkey, Bennington Banner;

— John D. Donoghue Award for arts criticism (daily and non-daily): 1. Robert Eddy, Herald of Randolph; 2. Margot Harrison, Seven Days; 3. No prize;

— Best local story (daily): 1. Burlington Free Press staff (Mike Donoghue, Sam Hemingway, Adam Silverman and Matt Ryan); 2. Valley News Staff (Jon Wolper, Sarah Brubeck, Jeff Good); 3. Neal Goswami, Bennington Banner;

— Best local story (non-daily): 1. Bethany Dunbar, The Chronicle (Barton); 2. Sandy Vondrasek, Herald of Randolph; 3. John Flowers, Addison Independent;

— Best state story (daily): 1. Sam Hemingway, Burlington Free Press; 2. Pete Hirschfeld, Vermont Press Bureau (Montpelier); 3. Alex Hanson, Valley News (West Lebanon, N.H.);

— Best state story (non-daily): 1. The Commons staff (Randolph T. Holhut and Olga Peters); 2. Ken Picard, Seven Days; 3. (tie) John Flowers, Addison Independent and Paul Heintz, Seven Days;

— Feature writing (daily): 1. Candy Page, Burlington Free Press; 2. Kevin O'Connor, Rutland Herald; 3. Maggie Cassidy, Valley News;

— Feature writing (non-daily): 1. Ken Picard; 2. John Flowers, Addison Independent; 3. Paul Heintz, Seven Days;

— Best editorial (daily): 1. Steven Pappas, Times Argus; 2. Aki Soga, Burlington Free Press; 3. Mark Rondeau, Bennington Banner;

— Best editorial (non-daily): 1. Jeff Potter, The Commons; 2. M. Dickey Drysdale, Herald of Randolph; 3. Lisa Loomis, Valley Reporter (Waitsfield);

— Best sports writing (daily): 1. Don Mahler, Valley News; 2. Adam Samrov, Bennington Banner; 3. Anna Grearson, Times Argus;

— Best sports writing (non-daily): 1. Tony Marquis, Vermont Standard; 2. Andy Kirkaldy, Addison Independent; 3. Mal Boright, Williston Observer;

— Best Headlines (daily): No awards;

— Best Headlines (non-daily): 1. Paula Routly, Seven Days; 2. Tony Marquis, Vermont Standard;

— Sports photo (daily): 1. Emily McManamy, Burlington Free Press; 2. Glenn Russell, Burlington Free Press; 3. Jeb Wallace-Brodeur, Times Argus;

— Feature photo (daily): 1. Ryan Mercer, Burlington Free Press; 2. Peter Crabtree, Bennington Banner; 3. Glenn Russell, Burlington Free Press;

— General News photo, (daily): 1. Peter Crabtree, Bennington Banner; 2. Elliot deBruyn, Burlington Free Press; 3. Jeb Wallace-Brodeur, Times Argus;

— Sports photo, (non-daily), 1. Glenn Callahan, Stowe Reporter; 2. Tim Calabro, Herald of Randolph; 3. Trent Campbell, Addison Independent;

— Feature photo, (non-daily), 1. Rick Russell, Vermont Standard; 2. Trent Campbell, Addison Independent; 3. Rick Russell, Vermont Standard;

— General News photo, (non-daily): 1. Robert Eddy, Herald of Randolph; 2. Will Walters, Hardwick Gazette; 3. No prize.

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