Worcester, Mass. businesses embrace the snow

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December 16, 2013, 6:53 pm
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(NECN: Katelyn Tivnan) - The first sizeable snow piles are popping up around Worcester County in Massachusetts.

Cleaning up after the weekend's storm is keeping a steady stream of customers coming to Jerry's Hardware Store in West Boylston.

"First storm is always great, this is no exception. Started around last week and it hasn't stopped," Tom Pichinis of Jerry's says.

Due to demand, the store sold out of rock salt Sunday afternoon. They expect a new shipment on Tuesday, just in time for more snow - something they say will keep items flying off the shelves.

"Buying a lot of shovels, a lot of sleds, anything to do with the storm is good for business," Pichinis says.

"Getting some hats, gloves, for the winter to be prepared for shoveling, snowboarding, staying warm," John Cardwell says.

At nearby New England Backpacker, Cardwell stocks up on some winter necesities. Snow this early in the season brings a big boost for business, says owner Wayne Ridley.

"A week before winter begins and we have skiable snow, snow shoeable snow, it's an opportunity to go out and play," Ridley says.

The Worcester store is selling lots of long johns, hats, skis, and boots. So much, Ridley spent the morning on the phone trying to place more orders. But he says the early storms paired with last season's late start is going to pose a problem to retailers.

"Winter came so late and retailers had left over inventory from suppliers so suppliers didn't make a lot," he says.

He expects retailers are going to have a very hard time placing orders for things like ski boots, skis, and snow shoes, predicting stores will be hurting for products by early January.

"It isn't just here, it's across the country, snow from east to west coast, so everybody is going to the same well as fast as they can and there's nothing there," Ridley says.

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