Broadside: The role of the media in Newtown

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December 18, 2012, 7:59 pm
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(NECN) - The heartache and hard goodbyes continued Tuesday in Newtown, Conn.

The community is coping with the emotional trauma of funerals for 26 shooting victims - 20 of them for first grade students.

Meanwhile, there is much discussion going on of possible gun control and the role of the media in the Newtown story.

Joining Broadside to discuss the media's impact and role in the story are Peter Kadzis and Diane Levin. Kadzis is the executive editor of the Boston Phoenix, and Levin is a professor of early childhood education at Wheelock and is an expert in media literacy and violence prevention.

"I'd say first that the vast majority of the news outlets have really bent over backwards to try to do the right thing, despite whatever controversy they have been around there. The track record is really not much different than covering these mass shootings since Columbine. At first there's a lot of errors, lot of factual errors, a lot of things have to be corrected ... but if you look at all of these mass shootings, say Gabby Gifford, where she was at first reported dead, the track record is there's a seriousness that we haven't seen before," Kadzis said. "What I don't think the media is doing a good job with, at least not yet, is checking into some of the wilder claims that political figures have made."

Watch the attached video for the complete discussion and a report from Jay Gray.

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