The Best and Weirdest products of 2011

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December 28, 2011, 10:08 am

(NECN) - As 2011 comes to a close, "The Morning Show" wanted to reflect on some of the best and worst new products of the year.

Bryce Gruber, Editor of The Luxury, stopped by to share her picks of the most fabulous and the most curious items.

Here's here top five:

--Best products of 2011:
1) Miguelina satya dress
2) Le verite handmade French lingerie (the next "it" brand)
3) Sheex bed sheets
4) Bubblebum (inflatable/portable car seats for kids - awesome for families who travel)

--Weirdest Products of 2011:
1. Body cream made from worms
2) Hangover patches
3) Scented razors (honestly, who sniffs their razor?)
4) Silicone-lined moisturizing socks (they feel like some alien hybrid between warm apple pie and silicone)
5) Nostril Disinfectant

For more of Bryce's products of 2011, check out The Luxury

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