MBTA Worker Recognized

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    George Holman is being honored for his 12 years of helping passengers

    (NECN: Justin Michaels) - Everyday, tens of thousands of people go through the Forest Hills T stop. Meeting and greeting as many of them as possible is George Holman.

    "You're a legend of all legends... Thank you," said a passenger.

    Whether it's keeping track of the train and bus schedules or even helping a mom fix a stroller, George takes it upon himself to be the best part of someone's day.

    "It brings a smile to my face to help any and every passenger that comes through the system," says George.

    It's because of that, George's 12 years of helping, charming and caring for T riders is being recognized.

    "We usually bring them in and recognize them with an award, an actual framed paper award with years of service just so they'll have something to hang on their wall and motivate them to continue to do their good work," says MBTA's Tina Beasley.

    So he's just a customer service representative. He's just doing his job. Believe it or not, the T says people like George are actually making riding the T a better experience for everybody.

    "Sometimes you bump into people on the T that are not so friendly, could be customers, could be employees, but he's just not that person, and it just motivates other employees to be as helpful and friendly as he is," says Beasley.

    So the next time you're riding the T, even if you don't often use the Forest Hills stop, take moment, look for George.

    "I treat everyday like it's a Friday," says George.

    His unique brand of positive enthusiasm and encouragement is infectious.
    "There's no such thing as a bad day. I woke up this morning, I felt great, I feel good and now it's just a matter of how good the day is going to get. How much better it's going to get," says George.