Mass. Dog Hitches a Wild Ride to RI

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    Driver flagged down because he had unknowingly picked up a miniature poodle in his vehicle's grill

    (NECN: Alysha Palumbo, East Providence, R.I.) - Reunited with her owners and headed home to Rehoboth, Mass., a miniature poodle named Suzie has had quite the journey over the past two weeks after her owners say she dug out from under their fence and ran away.

    "I looked around, tried to find her, I drove around the neighborhood, I called the local dog officers, both Dighton and Rehoboth, and went to the local vet and told them I’m missing a dog, and haven’t heard anything I just figured the worst basically," said Peter, her owner.

    Turns out, Suzie had darted out into traffic on Route 44 near the Segregansett Country Club in Taunton.

    A driver reported that he had swerved to miss her and thought he had – so he kept driving 50 mph down the highway and into Rhode Island.

    "It wasn’t until he got here in East Providence, 11 miles later, that someone flagged him down and said, 'Hey you’ve got a dog stuck in the grill of your car,'" said Animal Control Supervisor William Muggle.

    The driver went to the police department, and Animal Control Supervisor William Muggle was called in to help them remove the 6-year-old dog from inside the grill.

    "Basically the dog was kind of wedged in because of the plate, but it was also holding on, it was gripping the edge of the bumper for dear life," said Muggle.

    Amazingly, after traveling through two states at high speeds, Suzie had no broken bones - just a concussion and a missing tooth.

    "It’s just amazing, I just have no idea how she made it without getting killed, it’s just amazing," said Peter.

    A friend of her owners saw the dog’s photo on the news, called Peter and Donna, and they rushed down to Rhode Island to pick her up.
    They say they couldn’t be happier to bring her back home.

    "Oh it’s wonderful, very surprised, very happy, she’s a miracle," said Donna.