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MBTA Holds Annual Bus Rodeo



    (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Justin Michaels, Charlestown, Mass.) - "Congratulations on making it here. You guys know the drill."

    A nearly four decades old tradition continued Friday -- the MBTA bus rodeo.

    It's where the drivers that you see everyday on the streets of Boston separate the good from the great, the mice from the men.
    "Now on this level, there's no time for experimentation. You just have to go for what you know."

    The buses in the rodeo look like standard MBTA buses, but they are the scene of a battle ground 36 years in the making.

    Driver Robbie Wilson gave defending champion Willis Rose a run for his money.

    Both Wilson and Rose have decades of experience driving buses around Boston. There isn't one accident on the books between the two of them; each has logged nearly 50,000 bus routes.

    Rose won his fourth rodeo in a row and will now head to the national conference for the city transit industry next spring. He will represent Boston in the national rodeo.