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NECN Reporter Describes Final Moments of Manhunt



    (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN) - NECN reporter Scot Yount witnessed the final moments of the massive manhunt in Watertown, Mass. for the second Boston Marathon bombing suspect Friday.

    "We were coming from the original shooting scene. As they just cleared that area, we got the call, we heard the address of where they thought the suspect might be, and we were with all the police that were in their cars heading over there - pretty good speed - so we were just in the line with the police and we literally arrived at the same time they did," Yount says.

    Yount and his photographer, Abbas Sadek, were fairly close at the beginning, but they were told to move back.

    "We saw at first that there were two waves, the police went in after the shots were fired and they went in and found these people," he says. "And then in a second wave - we have video of this as well - they brought out some small children, literally hugging them and running at full speed, these SWAT officers."

    Watch the attached video for more.