Mayor Menino Celebrates New Hospital Opening

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    Despite broken leg, Marathon bombing ordeal, Boston mayor doesn’t rest

    (NECN:  John Moroney, Boston) - Boston Mayor Tom Menino did not attend the Red Sox game on Saturday, on the advice of his doctors.
    The mayor is still recovering from last week's surgery on his broken leg.
    "People just out there singing, God Bless America, raising flags. I just felt so good about America that day. We go to continue that movement. We can't forget what those individuals did and what they tried to do," said Menino.

    Saturday night, the mayor recalled his feelings after the capture of the alleged marathon bomber even as he helped to celebrate the opening of the new Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, the city's first new hospital in 30 years.
    The 132-bed facility is located in the city's Charlestown neighborhood, providing in-patient and out-patient care. At the new hospital, Spaulding will most likely be treating people injured in the bombings on Marathon Monday.

     "We absolutely expect to see a number of the people who suffered the catastrophic injuries with the Marathon bombings especially people who had suffered amputations. That was one of the most predominate injuries given the nature of the bombs," said  Spaulding President David Storto.
    Menino has been at patient at Spaudling. And he says it represents the best Boston to offer - a spirit that was evident as the city came together in the wake of the Marathon bombings.