M.A.D.D.: Mass. Courts, Judges Dropping the Ball on Drunk Driving Cases

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    David Deiullis, head of Mothers Against Drunk Driving in Mass., says state simply doesn't do enough (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN) - Drunk driving is also in the spotlight as a Billerica, Mass. man goes to court on his 12th drunk driving charge. This after his license was taken away for life in 2010 following his 10th offense.

    How can this happen? And how big is the problem?

    We are joined by David Deiullis, head of Mothers Against Drunk Driving in Massachusetts.

    David says the simple answer is that we allow this to happen because we simply don’t do enough after the first offense to deter these multiple offenses.

    In terms of law enforcement, David says the men and women of Massachusetts do a great job. He says where the state falls behind is in terms of creating stronger laws in the Commonwealth.

    Are any New England states a little bit more aggressive about this?

    David says Connecticut is a great example, where they have mandated ignition interlock devices for all convicted offenders.

    He says both New York and Connecticut do a far better job.

    David says prosecutors are doing a great job, but where we tend to fall short is the court system itself and the judges. He says the acquittal rate is ridiculous.

    David says it’s almost kind of sad because the police officers do their job, the prosecutors do their job but then the case goes to court and the ball is dropped.