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Month After Attack, Family Members Walk Boston Marathon Route



    Month After Attack, Family Members Walk Boston Marathon Route

    (NECN: Scot Yount, Hopkinton, Mass.) - "As bad as it is, they're here still," said Caitlin Norden. "We can still tell them we love them."

    Every step is one stride closer. They are calling it the 'Sisters Healing, Step by Step Walk.'

    "We are doing this in tribute for them. They went to watch their friend finish, so we are gonna finish it for them," said Caitlin, whose two brothers were injured by the blasts four weeks ago.

    On the one-month anniversary of the blasts that tore at a nation's heart, Caitlin and Colleen Norden, their uncle Peter Brown and some friends set off from the fabled Boston Marathon starting line in Hopkinton, Mass., with a goal of making it to the finish line on Boylston Street.

    "Our intention is to walk together the entire way, the steps together as family and friends and whoever wants to join us," said Peter Brown, uncle to the girls and the two Norden brothers.

    The idea is to raise money and awareness for their two brothers, J.P. and Paul, both of whom lost their right legs in the second bomb blast.

    "I feel like for what they've been through, we can handle a few blisters to get through this, so, just having them in our mind will get us through," Caitlin said.

    The Norden brothers, who grew up in a tight-knit family in Stoneham, Mass., had gone down to watch a childhood friend finish the race when the unthinkable happened.

    The finish line was mostly silent at 2:50 p.m., the one-month anniversary of the minute the first bomb went off.

    The sisters are hoping that their brothers will be physically able to be at the finish line later today when they cross. It will be tough because of their wounds, but also because it would be the first time they will have been back to the place where their lives were changed forever.

    "You know they are going to have to be comfortable going down back to Boylston Street," said Brown. "The last thing anyone ever wants to do in our side of the family is let people think they are gonna scare us off the streets."