Former Mass. State Police Col. Foley Testifies Against Bulger

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    Tom Foley spoke of intimidating guns used as evidence, saying they were all military-style weapons

    (NECN: Justin Michaels) - Friday could prove to be the most interesting day of the James “Whitey” Bulger trial yet. Slated to take the stand are two bookies, James Katz and Dick O'Brien.

    They're expected to testify in court about how Bulger allegedly forced them to pay him so they could stay in business.

    But Thursday, something that really woke the jury up. Weapons including six machine guns were physically brought into the court room. The prosecution says Bulger and his gang used these to intimidate people and to steal money.

    The prosecution also showed dozens of pictures of guns, masks, money, a police badge and other things that were recovered after the police were tipped off.

    The most gripping testimony came from former Massachusetts State Police Col. Tom Foley. Foley testified that Bulger's gang collected money, called rent from the bookies, drug dealers and other people, all so those people could continue to operate within their territory.

    Foley spoke when he walked out of court Thursday about the evidence brought into the courtroom, specifically the guns.

    "The weapons themselves are pretty impressive. You don't find those weapons around anywhere actually. They're all military style weapons, they're very heavy, heavy caliber machine guns and just even from a law-enforcement perspective, to see those types of weapons and to think about the type of hands they were in for so many years is pretty chilling."

    Doing cross-examination, the defense pushed Col. Foley about one of the government star witnesses, and former Bulger crony, John Martorano.

    They asked why investigators didn't push Martorano to testify against other accused members of the Winter Hill gang. Foley said he knew they were going to have to answer to that someday in court. But he said it was the only way in the end to bring justice against Bulger.

    Court resumes Friday morning at 9 a.m.