Zimmerman Trial Juror Opens Up About Verdict

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    The juror said she felt Trayvon Martin threw the first punch against George Zimmerman (Published Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014)

    (NECN) -  More information is being revealed after the George Zimmerman verdict was revealed, and this time it's by a juror, Juror B-37 to be specific.
    The female juror broke her silence to Anderson Cooper on CNN Monday night, giving her personal account of the trial and the tears shed in the 16-hour deliberation.
    B-37 revealed to Cooper that she believes the situation was a tragedy.

    'I think both were responsible for the situation they had gotten themselves into,” said the juror, who was planning to write a book about the trial. “I think they both could have walked away.”

    She also stated she believes Trayvon Martin threw the first punch and that Zimmerman is a good neighborhood watchman.
    Juror B-37 is set to write a book about the proceedings.