Therapik Claims to Relieve Pain, Itching From Bug Bites

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    Therapik claims to end pain and itch in 30 seconds by using heat from a tiny light bulb

    (NECN) - Just in time for the summer season, a new type of treatment for mosquito and other bug bites claims to quickly relieve any pain and itching.

    The treatment is called Therapik, and it claims to end the pain and itching of bug bites within 30 seconds by using heat from a tiny light bulb.

    "It may be destroying some of the proteins that are injected by the female mosquito, and those are the things that elicit the immune response - that you get itching and that sort of thing," said Dr. Michael Kaufman, an entomologist.

    Manufacturers recommend that Therapik be used immediately after being bitten.

    Of course, it can be difficult to carry around and it's hard to notice when mosquitoes are biting you, so immediately treatment isn't necessarily practical.

    "This is one of the things that the mosquito tries to avoid. it doesn't want you to know because you're going to smash it. And while it's feeding... some of these things actually numb the sensation," Dr. Kaufman said.

    The device recently got FDA approval and is being sold at Walmart and online retailers like

    The cost is around $12.

    The device is also supposed to work on bee and wasp stings, and even jelly fish stings.

    Watch the attached video for more.