'Biggest Loser' Resort Helps People Lose Weight

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    For just under $3,000 a week, participants learn about healthy eating, exercise

    (NECN/WTHR: Ann Marie Tiernon) - Although you might miss your chance to win $100,000, you don't have to become a contestant on 'The Biggest Loser' to lose weight.

    On a show where big weight loss determines who wins, Jerry Hayes from Season 7 holds a 'Biggest Loser' record - he lost 177 pounds.

    "And that is the biggest loss for anybody ever on this show, and I am extremely proud of that... 151 pounds at home," said Jerry.

    At home, Jerry and Stella Hayes kept it up without the world watching.

    "It's hard and there is no way to hide it and then the camera pans from your head all the way down to your toes," said Stella.

    Chief executive Larry Bond said the voyeuristic camera is about the only thing missing from 'The Biggest Loser' resorts.

    "We really create a community here just like the show," said Bond.

    Days are filled with seminars and workouts with trainers. There are five workouts a day during the one week minimum stay and always in the conversation, talking about how guests will stay active at home.

    "You only need to do one a day, but we are going to have you do five a day so that when you leave you are going to say, "one a day? That is nothing!" said trainer Paige Corley.

    Corley said a 20 minute, high-intensity workout can be done anywhere.

    "So here is the hard part when you are at home you don't have someone saying, "OK, go." Because I am here saying, "go" so that is something that you do need to develop," said Corley.

    Weighing in is part of the program, but the beauty at the resort is that you don't do it on TV and the results remain private.

    The average first week weight loss at the resort is 4 lbs for women and 7 lbs for men.

    "The breakfast about three to four hundred calories, lunch four to five hundred calories, and then dinner about four hundred calories. Two snacks and two pieces of fruit," said Chef Cameron.

    "The average American goes on four to five diets a year and they haven't been provided the correct information about how to have a long term healthy lifestyle," said Bond.

    On the show, contestants compete for $100,000 prize. At the resort, the guests pay $2,995 a week.