DA: Police Justified in Killing Danvers, Mass. Suspect

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    Essex County DA Jonathan Blodgett says police were justified in shooting Scott Kehoe after he threatened them with knife (Published Sunday, Jan 26, 2014)

    DANVERS, Mass. (AP) - Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett says police were justified in fatally shooting a Danvers man who threatened them with a knife at an apartment complex.
    Blodgett released his report Friday on the Aug. 23 death of 37-year-old Scott Kehoe.
    Blodgett said several Danvers officers, backed up by state police, were responding to an assault complaint against Kehoe, who also had open arrest warrants charging him with home invasion, kidnapping and resisting arrest. He said they learned Kehoe had told a friend he wanted to commit "suicide by cop."
    Blodgett said Kehoe cut one officer, and lunged at others and a police dog who were trying to subdue him. He said officers weren't able get him to drop the knife. The prosecutor said the officers were responding to an imminent threat when two fired at Kehoe.

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