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Hernandez Associate Facing Status Hearing



    (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Justin Michaels) - Carlos Ortiz, A former friend and associate of Aaron Hernandez, and one of the three men authorities believe had some involvement in the death of Odin Lloyd, Is scheduled to appear at Attleboro District Court Friday morning for a status hearing.

    In court documents, Ortiz has always told investigators that the night Odin Lloyd died, Aaron Hernandez and Ernest Wallace got out of the car with Lloyd, but only Wallace and Hernandez got back in after Ortiz heard shots being fired. Thursday during a hearing for Wallace in Fall River Superior Court, that story changed.

    Assistant District Attorney Pat Bomberg said, "Even though he said a number of times, at least half a dozen times that both Mr. Wallace and Mr. Hernandez got out of the vehicle, he has subsequently said that he does not believe Mr. Wallace got out of the vehicle."

    Wallace, Who is being held as an accessory after-the-fact to murder, was in court Thursday to have his bail reduced from $500,000 cash to $10,000 because his attorney says the state’s case is circumstantial, a request the judge denied.

    Prosecutors say the investigation is ongoing and additional charges against Wallace could be coming.

    Meantime, Ortiz is facing a gun charge in relation to the murder case. Of the three people who were allegedly there the night with Lloyd was killed, Ortiz is the only one who has not been indicted.

    The status hearing for Ortiz is scheduled for 2:00 Friday afternoon.