New Technology to Prevent Hair Loss for Chemo Patients

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    The FDA approved technology uses laser treatment and a cool cap, available to chemo patients for free

    (NECN/NBC News: Gayle Guyardo) - Losing thick locks of hair can be devastating to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

    NASA technology is now used to help people dealing with hair loss or to promote more hair growth, but at the Clearwater Hair and Scalp Laser Clinic, the FDA cleared technology is also helping people undergoing chemotherapy.

    "What we use it for prior to a cancer treatment is to try and get the hair to grow as much as it possibly can as thick as we possibly can before they can," said John Satino, the director of the clinic.

    Satino says, in many cases, the treatments are extremely effective. Hair follicle cells multiply 6-times faster than in other parts of the body.

    A combined treatment used alongside laser is a cool cap.

    "It’s similar to a gel foam type material - of course it's very cold," Satino explained.

    The Hair and Scalp Laser Clinic allows patients undergoing chemotherapy to use the cool caps for free.