50 Years Later: JFK Museum Honors Fallen President

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    John Allen of the JFK Museum in Hyannis, Mass. discusses the exhibits honoring John F. Kennedy 50 years after his assassination

    (NECN) -  It has been 50 years since President John Kennedy was assassinated as he drove down the streets of Dallas with the first lady, Jackie Kennedy.

    Born and raised in New England, the fallen president left much of his legacy in Massachusetts.

    Our Leslie Gaydos joined us live from Hyannis, Mass. at the JFK Museum and was accompanied by the museum director, John Allen.

    Allen said Kennedy was an accessible person to people on Cape Cod.

    He said, “There was a great recognition of a distance as he became president, but at the same time he didn’t want to miss out that ability to be somewhat engaged with the people who lived on the Cape whether they were summering here or permanent residents.”

    An exhibit at the museum captures Kennedy’s final trip to the Cape before his assassination.

    “In many ways the mission of our museum is really to capture the life and legacy of John, president and Kennedy member from our lens.”

    He said this lens captures days of joys and days of sorrow, celebrating his life.

    A guest book for visitors will be placed out for people to write where they were on the day of his assassination or how the president inspired them.