New Details Emerging About Arlington, Mass. Family Found Dead

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    Court documents reveal Scott Jones allegedly suffered from severe depression, drug and alcohol abuse and made a number of suicide attempts and threats (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Ally Donnelly, Arlington, Mass.) – We learned more Wednesday about the turmoil surrounding a family of four that was found dead in their Arlington, Mass. home.

    Arlington police say family and friends wanted to perform a private ceremony for Mei Jones and her twin infant sons and asked the media to keep its distance Wednesday morning.

    They burned incense, spread paper money, said a few words and then officers escorted the small group, which included Mei's sister, back into the Arlington home. It’s the same home where Mei, her husband Scott Jones and their boys were found dead by the family's au pair on Monday.

    The Middlesex County DA has not yet released causes of death, but says the public is not at risk and they are not searching for a killer.

    As the community reels from the grizzly and horrific deaths of the young family, we are learning more about their lives.

    According to the Boston Herald, 43-year-old Mei posted on a twins support group site recently that she was looking for a divorce attorney and that the babies' dad would probably not be in their lives.

    We are also learning more about 43-year-old Scott Jones and his divorce from his first wife.

    According to court documents in 2007, Jones allegedly suffered from severe depression, drug and alcohol abuse and made a number of suicide attempts and threats. Once he allegedly threatened to throw himself off the Tobin Bridge and was later found unconscious after he allegedly overdosed on prescription medication. Another attempt left him in a coma for several days.

    Over the same time period his ex-wife accused him of having an affair with a friend of their au pair at the time and claimed Jones verbally abused their children and was mentally and physically abusive to her.

    In a restraining order, Rosette Cataldo wrote "Scott was so aggressive towards me that I truly believe he would harm me in my sleep."

    According to the RMV, Jones has a spotty driving record. In December 2007 he was cited for drunken driving and also had his license revoked for failing to pay child support payments. He also has had a number of speeding violations.

    The Middlesex County DA's office says they still do not have completed autopsy reports for the family and cannot comment on motive or cause of death.