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Newburg, Pa. Holds Mayoral Election No One Wanted to Win



    (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Matt Barcaro, Newburg, Pa.) – No one ran for mayor in a small town in Pennsylvania this year. Two residents tied on write-in votes, but neither wanted the honor.

    Newburg, Pennsylvania is the smallest town in Cumberland County. There are about 300 residents, and the only traffic in town comes from trucks on their way to the next town.

    "We go west two blocks, approximately. North two blocks, east two blocks, and south two blocks. It's small," said Bill Spencer, a resident.

    When the votes were counted, somehow Bill Spencer ended up with five votes, which in Newberg was almost enough to win the race.

    "Even my husband believes in term limits, because neither of us wrote my name in," said Susan Stump, who after 12 years in office decided not to run this year. Five other people tried to elect her.

    "I feel as if it's time for new blood, new ideas," Stump said.

    So, with the unwilling candidates tied at five votes apiece, tied races in Cumberland County are settled by drawing numbers. The highest number wins. Spencer and Stump had such little riding on the results, neither showed up to see who drew a higher number.

    Stump drew a four, while Spencer drew a six.

    "I’m off the hook," Stump said.

    Spencer said this is the only thing he’s ever won, but he’s still turning down the seat.

    Even a tie-breaker could not resolve the election no one wanted to win.