Boston Restaurant Group Reveals Security Breach

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    (NECN) - A Boston restaurant group is letting patrons know that its computer systems were breached.

    The Briar Group, or BRG, says someone had unauthorized access to card data at their restaurants between October and early November.

    Diana Pisciotta, a spokesperson for the group, says they have been working on identifying the source and method of the breach since they initially learned they had possibly been compromised in November.

    She says that BRG shut down their system immediately after learning of the breach, and because of that, they are 99.99% sure that customers who used credit cards at their restaurants after the early days of those months are not at risk of having their data stolen.

    The breach affects eight bars and restaurants, which include Anthem, City Bar, City Table, MJ O'Connor's, Ned Devine's, Solas, The Green Briar, and The Harp.

    BRG released a statement, apologizing for the breach. They say they are confident that the system is secure and that it is now safe to use credit cards at their restaurants.

    “We apologize to any of our customers who may have been impacted by this issue. Despite investing in strong security systems and updating them regularly a thief was able to break into the system -- inconveniencing our restaurant guests and visitors to the city. Our team has put additional safeguards in place and our guests can be confident that their credit card data is safe going forward,” BRG released.

    Because the breach is still under investigation, it is unknown how many credit cards were affected and what the exact time table was for when cards were vulnerable to data theft.

    BRG cannot divulge any further information on the nature of the breach at this time because of potential security risks.