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Mistress Carrie Headed to Afghanistan



    (NECN) - WAAF's Mistress Carrie is heading to Afghanistan to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. She will be embedded with members of the Mass. Army National Guard.

    According to her blog, "She will not only lift the spirits of the soldiers, but also share with WAAF listeners what life is like on the front lines. From her home base of Kabul, Carrie will send back photos and video of life in Afghanistan. She will bring soldiers with her on the radio, reuniting them with loved ones via telephone.

    "Preparations for the trip are underway and include rounds of shots to ward off disease and wearing heavy body armor on a daily basis to become accustomed to carrying around the extra fifty pounds of weight. Gifts for the soldiers -- custom t-shirts and signed Red Sox memorabilia -- are being collected and shipped ahead of time to Afghanistan."

    Mistress Carrie joined NECN Tuesday morning to talk about the first time she was embedded and how it happened.

    "There's so many service men and women who listen to WAAF and when the war started and the deployment started, they started emailing us and asking us to send bumper stickers and calendars... once we started communicating with them a lot, they said, 'you should come over here and visit.' And so it was their idea and they're the ones that made it happen."

    To follow Mistress Carrie's trip, visit her blog here: blogs.waaf.com/mistresscarrie/