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Road Rage: Pregnant Woman Attacked With Stun Gun

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    (NECN: Greg Wayland, Concord, N.H.) - A New Hampshire woman is in jail, accused of attacking a pregnant woman for driving too slow.

    It happened in Concord on Monday.

    Police say Carissa Williams was driving on Route 3 in Pembroke, Massachusetts when she began hurling bottles and cans at the vehicle in front of her.

    The 28-year-old victim called 911 when the car sped off in front of her.

    Both vehicles ended up on I-93 North, taking Exit 14 in Concord, New Hampshire. The victim says she was not following Williams. At a red light, while still on the phone with 911, Williams hopped in her backseat and used a stun gun on her.

    The victim is ten weeks pregnant, but she and the fetus are fine.