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Boston College Art Prof Inspires Students to Create Art With Photos of Himself



    (NECN: Leslie Gaydos) - Karl Baden, a photography professor at Boston College, has been taking pictures of himself every day for the past 27 years.

    The 61-year-old man started in 1987, beginning roughly around the time middle age struck. He uses the same camera, high resolution film, lighting and background daily, and his pose and expression also remain the same.

    "Can I tell you what I've learned and the kind of moral of this story since? No, but after I did it for a while, I started realizing the reasons why I was doing it,"

    Karl began showing his work at his gallery in Boston on the 20th anniversary of the project. When he hung the 7,000 pictures he had taken, he noticed that people purchased the photos that corresponded with a special time in their own lives.

    And there began the inspiration for a present-day class assignment.

    Every year, Karl hands his students a picture of his face from the day they were born, and gives them these instructions:

    "I want you to try and make a picture that's an interesting image that has something to do with the day or date that you were born," he said.

    Karl finds the end result amazing.

    "Now this thing is no longer about me exclusively, it's become like a symbol of something that intersects with a time in somebody else's life," he said.

    Pictures of a man through time, and a lesson about his life and ours.

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