911 Caller After Plane Crash: 'It Looked Like the Atomic Bomb' | NECN

911 Caller After Plane Crash: 'It Looked Like the Atomic Bomb'



    Horrified neighbors who witnessed Saturday's deadly plane crash at Hanscom Field described a thunderous boom and an ominous mushroom cloud in 911 calls released Monday.

    "It was a big boom. It shook the house," said one caller.

    "All of the sudden, I heard this huge boom," said another. "It looked like the atomic bomb went off, and it was a mushroom cloud, and fire was going everywhere."

    The private jet crashed in Bedford, Massachusetts Saturday night, killing all seven people on board.

    Sunday, neighbors described their homes shaking after the explosion.

    "You could almost feel the heat from 200 yards away," Robert Iovino told NECN.

    Billionaire lawyer, businessman and newspaper owner Lewis Katz was killed in the crash. He was attending a fundraiser with passengers Anne Leeds, Marcella Dalsey and Susan Asbell.

    The crew of the plane included chief pilot James McDowell, co-pilot Bauke "Mike" de Vries and flight attendant Teresa Benhoff. They flew for Katz for at least 10 years.

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