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Boston Police Officer Delivers a Baby in Jamaica Plain

A 20 year veteran of the Boston Police Department helps deliver a baby.



    A Boston police officer delivers a baby girl just after 5 p.m. on Friday in the area of Centre and Mozart Streets in Jamaica Plain.

    Sergeant Rene Sanchez, a twenty year veteran of the department was backing up officers during a traffic stop when a man, Jean Cherizard, ran over to him telling him that his fiance, Linda Rosembar is in labor.

    The couple tried calling for an ambulance as Sergeant Sanchez was preparing to delivery the baby.

    “I just thought back to what they told us during our training in the Academy and kept updating EMS”, said Sergeant Sanchez, “I told her, push, push, hold my hand and push.”

    The Sergeant noticed the umbilical cord was wrapped arounnd the baby's neck and quickly unwrapped it. 

    Since both of his hands were occupied, Sergeant Sanchez asked the father to press the button on his microphone as he continued to advice the responding medical personnel. 

    It was during his communications with the medical personnel that the baby's first cries were transmitted over the radio for all of the officers in the district to hear.

    Boston EMS arrived on the seen shortly after and transported the mother, the father and their beautiful baby girl to a local hospital for evaluation.

    Sergeant Sanchez made sure to escort the ambulance to make sure they arrived safely to the hospital.

    Baby Elizabeth was born 6.5 ounces, and she and her family live in Hyde Park.

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