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Chelsea Police and Public Schools Warn Parents of Phone Scam



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    Chelsea public schools wants to alert parents about suspicious phone calls offering parents fingerprinting for their children.

    The scammer says they can come to your house to do so.

    NECN caught up with concerned parents who say they haven't personally been targeted, but that the scam worries them.

    "It's like someone keeping track of my child and that's not going to happen," said Maggie Derney.

    Another mom, Jean Barnaby, said she would definitely not let them in her house without proper identification.

    Trained professionals, like police departments, often take kids fingerprints in case the child goes missing, but for this scam, school officials are telling parents not to respond to any questions or provide any information to the people.

    Chelsea Police say they aware of the scam.

    What's unclear is what the scammers wants to do once they get into the house, or what's happening with the information.

    If you have any questions regarding the scam, Chelsea schools says to call (617) 466-5500 or Chelsea police.

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