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Couple Wins Award for Cancer Awareness Work After Loss of Son

Carol and Ron Zenaro loss their son to Erwing's Sarcoma; Lazarex Cancer Foundation honored them for contrubutions last week



    (Published Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014)

    Carol and Ron Zenaro lost their son Scott to cancer four years ago. They've made it their life mission to raise money to help other patients like him.

    Scott was 30 when he was diagnosed with rare Ewing’s Sarcoma. After years of treatment, his doctor in Boston told the Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, family there was nothing left they could do, but suggested experimental trials.

    Non-profit Lazarex Cancer Foundation paid for Scott to live and receive treatment in California, which extended his life by nearly two years.

    The Zenaro family has raised about $100,000 for Lazarex. Carol has sold thousands of her handmade bracelets with heart shaped beads. She calls her work love in action.

    The couple was in California over the weekend for the foundation's annual gathering when the group surprised them with an award.

    Raising money for Lazarex has helped the Zenaro's cope with the loss of their youngest child.

    Anyone interested in purchasing a bracelet can contact Carol here: 

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