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Elizabeth Warren Slams Donald Trump at Mass. Democratic Convention



    U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren had some choice words for Republican politicians, particularly Donald Trump, at Massachusetts' annual Democratic convention in Lowell. (Published Saturday, June 4, 2016)

    U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren slammed presidential candidate Donald Trump and other Republican politicians Saturday at the Massachusetts Democratic Party convention in Lowell.

    "Could any of us have imagined that people all over the United States would be begging Mitt Romney to run for president?" she said to open the convention. "So far, Scott Brown has not found another Senate race to lose."

    But her main target was Trump, or, as she refers to him these days, "this small, insecure, money grubber who just doesn't care about anyone but himself."

    Warren wasn't the only convention speaker to blast Trump.

    "Every day, he says something either unconstitutional or illegal," said Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey.

    Massachusetts Secretary of State Bill Galvin called Trump an "obnoxious buffoon" and a "bombastic fool."

    And Sen. Ed Markey said Trump would "Make America hate again."

    But among the many who have tried to take on Trump, it is Warren who remains in the ring.

    "He whines about the press and whimpers about the students and he complains that the judge doesn't like him," Warren said of Trump's press conference Tuesday. "Time to stop sniffling and put on your big boy pants, because this is what accountability sounds like."

    Warren's passion for taking down Trump has many wondering if she may be first in line to become Hillary Clinton's running mate.

    Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is reportedly looking into Massachusetts law to see how quickly Warren's Senate seat could be filled if that were to happen.

    Necn asked Warren whether she would consider running if picked as Clinton's vice presidential candidate.

    "I love my job," she said. "There's a lot of speculation out there, and I just really don't want to be in that."

    For now, Warren seems much less concerned about Clinton then she is about Trump.

    "I believe that he is a truly dangerous man," she said.

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