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Jury Begins Deliberations in Dentist's Trial in Wife's 2011 Falling Death

Kathleen Desilets was found naked on the grass outside of her Massachusetts home five years ago



    (Published Friday, Jan. 27, 2017)

    The jury has started deliberating in the trial of a central Massachusetts dentist charged with killing his wife by pushing her out of a window.

    “She took a beating in that hallway from this defendant,” said Assistant District Attorney John Bradley, Jr.

    Did Kathleen Desilets jump or fall to her death out of the third story window of the Princeton home she shared with her husband – or did he push her out of it?

    That’s the question a jury of six men and six women are trying to decide in the 2011 manslaughter trial of Princeton dentist Dr. Roger Desilets.

    Defense attorney Michael Wilcox said, “Why didn’t they find glass particulates in her hair, why didn’t find those cuts, because she didn’t get pushed through a window, she jumped or fell from that perch.”

    In closing arguments Friday, both the defense and prosecution agreed that the couple, whom had been married 44 years, were on rocky terms after Kathleen found out Roger had been having an affair for 20 years.

    But each side scoffed at the other’s version of how the window was broken and how Kathleen Desilets ended up outside, naked and dying.

    Bradley said, “Think about whether it makes any sense that Kathy Desilets would take off her robe so she’s completely naked, smash a window then carefully climb into the window sill, sit down and plunge 30 feet to her death.”

    Wilcox said, “You’d have to believe that Dr. Desilets, in the middle of an armed struggle opened up this window, before throwing his wife through the other window!” 

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