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New England Politicians React to the Gun Vote

The Senate voted down four gun control measures on Monday



    On Monday afternoon the Senate voted down all four gun legislation measures.

    Among the measures were a proposal to keep extremists from acquiring guns and another that would enhance the background checks required for purchasing firearms.

    Many New England politicians released statements after the measures failed.

    Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren tweeted "ashamed and disgusted that the Senate works for the NRA and not the majority of Americans who support basic solutions to stop gun violence."

    Ed Markey, Massachusetts' other senator also tweeted his disappointment and said "90% of Americans support background checks on gun sales but Senate Republicans just voted against them. Enough is enough."

    New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte voted for the measure that would prevent terrorists from purchasing firearms.

    She said, "terrorists should not be able to purchase firearms. Instead of playing politics with this important national security issue, I believe Republicans and Democrats need to work together on a solution that can actually pass the Senate.”

    Jeanne Shaheen, New Hampshire's other senator released a statement about her disappointment in the Senate's failure to pass "common-sense gun reform amendments."

    She added, "It’s shameful that in the wake of the deadliest shooting in our nation’s history in Orlando, the Senate still can’t take modest action to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists and tighten background checks."

    Vermont senator Bernie Sanders released a statement following the failed legislation and said, "we have to do everything we can to stop guns from falling into the hands of people who should not have them."

    Patrick Leahy, also from Vermont, tweeted "hard to fathom, or excuse, the Senate GOP's lack of courage on sensible steps on gun safety, OVERWHELMINGLY back by the people."

    Connecticut senator Chris Murphy released a statement as well expressing his unhappiness with the failed measures.

    However, he remained optimistic and said, "we will face setbacks, but we will succeed because the people who care deeply about progress never, never give up."

    Richard Blumenthal, also from Connecticut, tweeted, "Disappointed in tonight's votes—but we will not give up or go away. We'll #disarmhate & stop #gunviolence."

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