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Police Are Searching for an Armed Assailant

The victim of the assault was approached early Saturday morning in Worcester, Mass.



    FILE - NBC 7

    Police are searching for a large, black male in his mid-twenties with short hair in connection with an armed assault that took place early Saturday morning in Worcester, Massachusetts.

    According to the Worcester Police Department, they received a report at 2:30 a.m. of an assault with a firearm that occured in the driveway of a Hamilton Street adderss.

    The police spoke with the victim who reported that after pulling into his driveway and stopping his car, he was approached by the assailant who was wearing a light colored t-shirt.

    According to the victim, the assailant hit the victim's window with a firearm, motioned for him to roll down the window, all while yelling obscenities at the victim.

    At that point, rather than rolling his window down, the victim said that he put his car in reverse and fled the scene, unharmed, to a friend's house nearby, where he called the police.  As he was driving off, the assailant fired several rounds in his direction.

    Officers said the victim's vehicle had been struck by two bullets.  They also responded to the area in which the assault took place and discovered ballistic evidence.

    Anyone with information regarding this incident can send an anonymous text message to 274637 TIPWPD +.  You can also send an anonymous message over the web.  Calls can also be made to the Worcester Police Detective Bureau at (508) 799-8651.

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